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Dimensional Anchor Crash using PerPlayer


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You can reproduce this client side crash by first setting "S:chunkloader.quotaType=perplayer" in the config/immibis.cfg

The default chunks per player is 9. So as a non-op go around and place 9 dimensional anchors down that keep 1 chunk loaded. Then put down a 10th dimensional anchor and open up the GUI (BAM, you crash).

If going beyond the limit doesn't float your boat. Keep your 9 dimensional anchors down so you are within the limit. Now restart the server. When the server restarts some dimensional anchors will have turned off. Open up the GUI for an anchor that has turned off (BAM, your client crashes again).

This is vanilla Tekkit Lite 0.6.5. The only thing I modify is the immibis.cfg. Was wondering if others experience this too. And is there a way to fix this (at least so that when I am at 9 anchors they don't randomly turn off on server restarts).

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Thanks. I posted it there as well. Just thought someone else who uses Tekkit Lite might have come across a similar experience. Also, increasing the limit doesn't help. Once the crashing starts, I then reduced my number of anchors below the limit, but now the crashing persists randomly.

As for banning the block, not sure any other way to limit players in the number of chunks they can have loaded in Tekkit Lite. That was the great thing about the anchor :(

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