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1.0.11 Voltz Warfare[PVP,Survival,Grief][20 Slots][No Mods Removed]


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IP: All Out War. No Banned Items,PVP,Grief,Survival,20 Slots,Good Luck,And Have Fun.


No Hacking (Except Voltz Mods)

No Spamming

No Advertising

Very Low Lag

Have Fun

Good Luck!

Reason To Be Up

I Want To Play With People

Up Time

Up Mon.-Thus. 12PM OR 3PM-5PM Fri.-Sun. 12PM OR 3PM-6PM

Server Details

No Ranks Other Than op And Guest

A New World (When This Was Posted)

A New World(Maybe) That Has Friendly Staff And Shouldn't Get A Lot Of Lag.

You Can Build Anywhere With Any Materials. If A Redmatter/AntiMatter Bomb Goes Off Near Spawn,Me And The Staff Will Fix The Spawn But Nowhere Else.


No Pics Yet







Known Things To Happen

If You Get Kicked Out And The Server Doesn't Show Its Up, Wait A Minuit And Refresh

Block Lag

Please Don't Think The Server Is Bad If These Things Happen.

Extra Things To Know

If The Staff is Being Mean For No Reason,Abusing Powers ect. Comment And I Will Take Care Of It.

If You Experience Any Other Bugs/Glitches With The Server,Comment And I Will Do My Best To Fix It.

After Server time is up Vinialla Minecraft Server Will Be Up


New Ip

New times for server to be up

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