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FPS drops


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Hey everyone,

So I've been hosting a tekkit server(with a bunch of extra mods) for my friends and me for a few weeks but when i saw bigdig 1.3.9 had really cool mods i started up a big digs server and loaded the old world in this new server and moved to a completely new location in the world. That said.

I've been having some really annoying lagspikes/FPS drops, about every 10 seconds it goes from 125 fps to 60 fps and feels very laggy (which is weird cause 60 fps should still be more that enough for smooth play)

Things i've already tried:

- reinstall java

- changed server ram(higher and lower) (currently at 2g min 4g max)

- changed client ram (H/L)(currently at 3g)

- changed render distance (only at tiny the fps drop was less 125-->100 but sill felt the lag)

- checked/ unchecked "increase permgen size" (currently checked )

I have the same problem in singleplayer(a little less lag ). It doest matter if i'm alone on the server or with others,

I've added extrabiomesXL and bibliocraft but same problem without them.

Client and server are on the same machine in this case and there are never more than 3 people online at the same time (those other 2 have the same problem )

System specs:

Windows 7 64bit

i5-3570K @ 3.5 Ghz

8 GB 1600mhz RAM

GTX 670 PE

Thanks in advance,

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Oke I think I found out what is wrong...

every so often my server gives this message [WARNING] [EnderOre] World gen was never run for chunk at [x,y]

[EnderOre] Regenerating x chunks. 0 chunks left

So basically this mods wants to keep regenerating chunks right ?

Does anyone know what to do about this/ how to fix this ?

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It's not regenerating. While you move, you get on new chunks, which were never generated by the server. And it has to generate them in order for u to walk over them. And that process is killing ur machine, though it shouldn't take more than 1-3 sec on ur rig.

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Yea but i'm not exploring... I just played for 2 hours on the same spot (just building a house) never moved more that 20 block, and still got the lag/fps drop and the message from the server. So thats why I believe it keeps regenerating...

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