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Tekkit Lite stopped installing

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Hi, I'm playing modpacks with the technicpack for quite a while.

But now I'm having some trouble installing tekkit lite, or any other modpack.

When I start installing the modpack, it downloads the .jar and the mods.

But after a while it starts installing modular power suits and then it stays at 1%.

This happens to other modpacks to, but with others mods.

I tried everything to make it work but it happens every time.

Edit: Found out that it has to do with installing the modpack Yogpack Extreme, it started when I wanted to play that, but still not solution for the problem.

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Delete the .technic folder in c:/users/<your username>/appdata and try again.NOTE: if you have single player worlds then BACK THEM UP FIRST! These will be in a saves folder in each of the mod pack folders.

Already tried, but it doesn't seem to work

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