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Server Administration Questions. Lag from other players, etc.

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Our server has grown from 2 regular players to 7 and we're still looking to expand by another three players. My question (as the server admin and the one paying the hosting company) relates to administration.

What mods do servers use to:

1. Prevent blocks from being broken in certain areas by newer players.

2. Allow players to "exchange" items for one another?

3. Check for lag issues (explosion loops eating CPU, excessive animal breeding, etc), in areas that might be hard to find if a player chooses to not build close to everyone else.

4. Have an online map of their server? (Dynmap? I couldn't get it to work in our 0.6.5 server).

5. Change the color of admin players names?

Replies appreciated here or verbally on our TS @, Chan Minecraft, PW mario.


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We upgraded to Essentials and managed to get several permissions issues sorted out. Players can now teleport safely with dimensional doors removed to prevent unnessessary ram use. GriefPrevention is next. As for dimensional anchor's, since everything is run via Applied Energistics we put all the hard working areas in one chunk.



Players haven't experienced much of a frame-rate drop and are able to access everything now from one convenient location.


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