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White / Black Cobble. Where are they?


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Hey, everyone.

I was wanting to use the white or black cobblestone in my world, but the default textures do not mix well with my textures. So I thought I'd edit them. Even if there's not a texturepack out there for them, if I even know what mod they're in, I could manually go in and switch out the relevant png file.

But there's a ton of mods in Tekkit, and going through all of them one by one to find a single png whose name I don't even know... aii...

So I'm wondering if anyone has any idea where the white cobble or black cobble stones are coming from? Would be greatly appreciated!

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No. Not on my computer right now, but they're called white cobble and black cobble, respectively. White is made with 1 sugar and 8 cobblestone, whereas black is 1 Inc sac and 8 cobblestone. Makes 8 each time, so super cheap. According to NEI, it doesn't get used to make anything.

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