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Weird lighting with newest Tekkit/Tekkit Server?

Boo Reeves

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When I'm in a hallway or a large room, even if it is extremely well lit/full of lava, only certain portions of the room are actually lit.

When I move around the room, it becomes extremely dark, even when standing right beside a torch. In another area of the room, the entire room looks illuminated.

I've tried adjusting all my base settings, but to no avail. Friend on my server is having the same issue.

Any idea?

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That's Void Fog, notice you are at the bottom of the world with bedrock?

I have noticed some oddities with Void Fog, even with nightvision on the visibility seems to drop drastically. Not all areas on the bedrock are affected by it, I can't figure out myself what is causing it to act in this way.

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