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[STAYING AT 1.2.2] Dragonis Tech Reborn! [PvE][20 slots][No Myst / Dim Doors] Live in the past!

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We put all this time in to learning how to make HV solars and pnumatic tube relays, only to find out that the mod authors can't be bothered to update to the new MC. Rather than roll with the punches we're gonna continue to enjoy a version that was working just fine, thank you very much! Come join us and live in the past for a while longer until things even out! We will be sticking with ver 1.2.2 until the wheels fall off!

Dragonis Tech is a NO GRIEFING, NO PvP server aimed at cultivating a fun environment for building and crafting interesting things. Want to breed bees, condense some biofuel and put together a big molecular assembler? So do we! Join our ranks and meet some new friends to collaborate with! This server features the Factions plugin for easy land protection and Lockette for securing chests and machines, with these plugins you can make a nice fancy SAFE place for all your trees and bees! We also have the MC-MMO plugin to add some extra fun, as if minecraft needed another layer of addiction, you can now level up in various stats like mining or acrobatics and get cool passive abilities the more you play!

Server IP:

Please note this is NOT the same IP we had before!


1) Open technic launcher

2) Click the gear icon in the lower left of the big dig pack's icon

3) Hit the button for "manually select build" and choose 1.2.2 from dropdown

4) Launch, and when it asked if you'd like to update, hit YES, this will update you to the selected version

5) Log-on as normal!

Removed Mods:

Dimensional Doors (lag issues)

Mystcraft (also lag issues)

Banned items:

-Canvas Bag (exploitable)

-Project Table (exploitable)

-Mining Laser (can't play nice with protections)

-TNT / Sticky TNT / Nukes (same)

-Other exploitable items may be removed as discovered, we reserve the right to change this list!

Nuclear Reactors have had explosion radius set to 0, but can still kill you through radiation poisoning!

Eximite has been enabled in the Metalurgy config, allowing 2 sets of armor and tools that are not enabled by default in 1.2.2 distro!

Major Plugins:




and the usual sethomes, coreprotect, etc.

Server is up 24/7 and resets hourly for stability, resets generally take less than 1 min.

No Whitelist / Greylist, log on in and have fun! Griefing / Exploiting is taken seriously, our admins have the tools to figure out who did what, so Play Nice!

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