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I'm looking for a server I can just build on.

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I know it sounds weird, but I enjoy building houses and and towns for people to see and live in. I just don't get the same joy out of building on single player. You're most likely thinking "Well why don't you just make your own server?" The answer is I don't have a fast computer, nor do I have the money to pay for a server. So my question to you Guys/Girls is "If you're starting a new server or even have an old sever (doesn't matter) can I build on it? Yes, I have built a town on survival, but it didn't really come out well. I not looking for to be an owner or an admin. I just want the freedom to build and have a people be able to see it and enjoy it. I don't have any pictures of what I've built, my hard drive was recently fried from lighting. If any one is interested please comment or message. Thanks for reading.

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