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[1.0.6]Tekkit Space Exploration[PvE/PvP][25 slots][Factions][AntiGrief]


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Welcome to OWN GAMING. We are a friendly gaming community releasing a new Tekkit server! All players are welcome to join and have a great time!This is a PVP/No-Griefing Server featuring Factions, Time is Money, and more in the future! Your build is always accessible 24/7


Website: http://ownmc.enjin.com





- No Griefing

- No PvP

- No Spamming

- No Racist Comments

- No Stealing

- Have Fun!

Disabled Mods:

- dimensional Doors

- MystCraft

- Backpacks Mod (Until fixed)

Banned Items:

- Philosopher's Stone

- Minium Stone

- Inert Stone

- Anchors

- Turtles


- Factions

- Essentials

- CoreProtect

- ClearLag

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Hello Stormtrooper123, our messenger, Richs_Yard, has detected that your server thread, Tekkit Exploration, is missing a great deal of information. We suggest that you fill out the required information before a moderator comes along.

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