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Lag spikes & crashes

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I tried playing the Big Dig modpack several times, but ever since it was updated for 1.5, it started to lag terribly and then crash. I opened the debug menu(F3) and saw that the memory usage got very high(100MB/s and then going back down if this makes sense). I have 2GB of memory allocated to the game which used to be enough for me to play for long periods of time. If I stay in the same chunk for a while, then memory usage goes back to a decent speed, but that doesn't stop the game from crashing eventually. I think that 1 or 2 mods added to the pack may be the cause of this issue, but I'm not certain. If anyone knows a good solution to this, please let me know, Thank you.

P.S. I did not use any texture packs at the time.

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It's not enough for you to have 2Gb of memory, you need to check the checkbox in the menu where you allocate the memory. If that's still not enough, you'll need to get a log for me.
Ok, looks like permgen fixed my problem, I also allocated more memory and now the game works fine, thanks. I'll be in touch incase something goes wrong again.
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