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Tekkit warfare


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I have this idea for an addon to Tekkit it would do what the name implies(add military to Tekkit)

It would be used on multiplayer servers to battle your friends.

you'd use robots(because killing people animations is cruel)Robots would be auto crafted in a new block (like redstone chipsets) there would also have to be a new block or two that designates an area to be in command so you could give orders to whatever troops are in there like(scout,hunt,defend,etc.)

You could addon to the robots in the same block to increase range damage running speed or whatever else.

(tanks and other units also have this ability)

To add to the epicness of this the tanks or bazookas or whatever weapons blow up would actually destroy land

So eventually it would be a ravaged wasteland

Now no one wants their beautiful above world to be destroyed so there would be an alternate dimension reached with a nether portal pattern just with iron blocks and lava

In this dimension you cannot destroy any naturally forming blocks you can only break the blocks you have previously placed.

The blocks that you place or troops tell the enemy troops where you are so they can come and destroy you.

I think this would be awesome in Tekkit because you could automatically create your army using machinery. (I am unfortunately not a programmer so I won't be able to make but if you are a modder a would greatly appreciate it to be able to play this.

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Thx for the idea but I've checked out clay soldiers and they don't quite do it

If someone made clay soldiers able to hunt down enemy bases and destroy them it would be great and I'd love it but I dont know of any way to do that ):

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