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0.6.5 Tekkit lite [20 slots][STAFF NEEDED]

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- No griefing

- No spamming chat

- No asking for items

- No asking for admin, mod, etc

- Have fun


- Auto-rank

- AutoSaveWorld

- Chest-shop

- Color-portals (non set up yet)

- Enjin Minecraft Plugin (not set up)

- Essentials

- Grief-prevention

- Group-manager

- iConomy

- World-edit

- World-guard


- 24/7

No whit-list/grey-list

To become staff:

- Must be 18 or over

- Have some kind of experiences with being a staff member

- Leave any necessary info below and join the server

World got griefed so I NEED BUILDERS! help anyone

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I was there when the server got hacked and i told anthrax we need more staff but if you guys dont trust anyone how do we get staff. Im willing to help build and stuff as long as im trusted. i have my own server but its not to popular and its not tekkit so thats why im here.

But smurf if you need help i can help im pretty good at building so yeah.

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