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"Power" to the people


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So not actually sure if I'm doing the power setup right but it appears to work. Anyone know if this setup is right?

I've used the universal cable as it appears to pump more power through it rather than the red stuff (can't remember its name).

What setting should I have the redstone cubes on? I can't tell whether the ones draining fast are draining because to much power is being used or because they are recharging the other ones on the line.

All powered from lava from the nether. The tesserack was put in because the ender tank couldn't cope. It was not only serving all this but also two quarries that have 16 magmatic engines each that constantly keep a redstone cube perma charged.

When I had a power out it was bad as lost power to the ME Storage which had everything stored on it :) just as bad as a real PC going down :)

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If you have multiple REC (Redstone Energy Cell) connected, and any of them are set to output power, they will output down the line and to anything adjacent to the block. So if you wanted to have a large "capacitor" or "battery", then you could put a few or a dozen of them in-line, have them all output 100 MJ/t and have the last one ouput, say, 49 MJ/t (because that's all you're using) so it will draw from the farthest to the nearest.

Having an REC on "Redstone, High" means it will not output power unless directly given a redstone signal. "Redstone, Low" means it will stop outputting power when given a redstone signal, and "None" or "Ignore" does exactly that, it will not react to a redstone signal at all. So if you want to have them all put out power in-line (one feeding another) then have them all set to "Low" or "Off" and have them ouput max power except for the last one, which you can either set to manually control all power needs to just have it throw its power out (for objects like the Quarry, they will run endlessly and use ALL of the power, so make sure you break it down and move it or disable it in a timely manner). If you want a large burst of energy, it would be better to have them all separated by 1 block (so they don't feed each other, then have each one output into the block or blocks (using energy tesseracts is less efficient than pumping lava directly next to where you want the energy, but it allows for a central station of power that feeds everything [the energy tesseract is a direct 25% energy tax (configurable in the config)]).

Also, in terms of how you have it set-up, I do not see any problem with it. All the engines have full lava and are directly connected to the supply, so the only change I would suggest would be to make a dynamic tank of decent size (10x10x10 or larger) and have it pump into the tank as well, so you have back-up if the pool runs dry or you want to be able to pump it elsewhere.

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