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Firstly awesome pack you guys made, works nearly flawless and really is fun!

I wanted to ask if it would be possible to include some more mods like:

* Crossover Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/863847-123-bc-ic2-crossover-mod-v127-for-bc-2213314-and-ic2-181-sspsmp/

* Wireless Remote for Wireless Redstone

* RocketScience

* Portalgun

* DynamicElevators

* IC2 Thermal Monitor Client

Escpecially the Thermal Monitor would help a lot to keep reactors under control....

Let me know :)


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Crossover Mod - We already have power converter

Wireless Remote - is not made for SMP

RocketScience - It might be a good idea

Portalgun - Is not made for SMP and u have IC2 teleporters

DynamicElevators - don't know this mod

IC2 Thermal Monitor - it would be good but I don't know if it's made on SMP

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Best thing you can get for SMP is most likely a simple thermometer, but its useful to nuclear facilities and so on. (Which I'm guessing you were gonna use the thermal monitor for anyhow)

Dynamicelevators is just an execuse for lag, even tho its useful you can simply use any of the elevator plugins which is at bukkit, which basically teleports a player up and down instead of having a block which moves up and down. (It causes less lag)

And we already have power converters as the person *points up* told.

Rocketscience + portal, I've got no idea what usefulness they would have. Portals, well again you have teleporters or use one of the many plugins for bukkit.

Wireless remote... even tho useful, its hardly needed.. you can use the Receiver + a simple lever after all.

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