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  1. Don't always have to be for 1.2.5, just have to be supported. Anyways they using the mcports custom build of bukkit /forge and such implemented and their version ( I believe) is https://github.com/downloads/MinecraftPortCentral/CraftBukkit/craftbukkit-1.2.5-R5.0-MCPC-SNAPSHOT-182.jar <-- this one, I tend to use CB++ myself, so I couldn't really say for sure.
  2. Could always try to manually build it, but.. life sucks.
  3. Used to use (I hate that sentence :/) Group manager with essentials, but these days I prefer using PEX.. still using essentials though.
  4. Have played tale of kingdoms for quite awhile, can't say how many times those damn goats have eaten ALL MY DAMN MONEY... those bastards :/
  5. Well, I know there is new ores in redpower (at least I think it is) and its the whole bigger map size thing you know + +. Its easier to start on a new map really. So be it you'll lose your base and such, but thats a part of the fun thing, to actually build up again.
  6. Why would you remove recipes ? Its all about going on a wiki site to find recipes instead, which takes longer but does the same work.
  7. Why would they be removed ? As far as I know they are still there.
  8. Running a Tekkit server without Bukkit would be foolish really, no protection whatsoever in vanilla, where as in Bukkit you have several logs, / admin / anti-grief systems. (Which also do work with Tekkit items) since a simple /kick / ban won't really do it on a tekkit server.
  9. Might wanna add that RP2 still haven't actually been ported.
  10. If you check ingame content on that update you'll notice that it isn't actually even a complete dev version yet. At any case, many mods is still yet to be updated for 1_2_5 (Bukkit) http://mcportcentral.co.za/wiki/index.php?title=Ports_for_1.2.5
  11. Don't forget what fungus also is actually used for, creating antibiotics.
  12. I just hope this guy won't be the next president of US, not saying the current one is stupid but the last one sure was.
  13. Re: Could this remove the need for a Technic pack? Except for the damn space stage. Well with the space commander or w/e, it make it a little bit more fun, but meh. EA should rot in hell for all I care. And yeah, E3 version &gt; the actual version
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