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hi all,

Anyone who has seen my channel knows my most popular vid is an elevator tutorial. that tutorial is now two modpacks out of date. I want to make a new one but since redpower has been removed I'm back to square 1. Can anyone tell me how what the tekkit main equivalent of frames are please.

Ps. my channel name is the same as my forum name. :P

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First off, you should probably go back to reading the rules. Signing your posts is against them due to redundancy. We can already see your name in two places on your post, y'see?

As for frames, there currently is no substitute for that. Somebody on these forums is working on a replacement for it, and it works, but is still in beta so expect bugs.

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I'm pretty sure RSIM won't work for elevators, since as far as I remember the moving blocks have no collision boxes. Keep an eye on the mod, since Jakj is quick to add features and will probably be back on RSIM after finishing his other mod.

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