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Tekkit classic or Tekkit for a new comer?

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Hi, I have owned MC for about a year, and only got to mess with it shortly. so get some of the idea of it. But I just now getting to set down and play it, i have alot of time on my hands. My wife also will be playing some with me. SO as a fair to say noob to the whole MC and Tekkit stuff, which would be better to start with? Tekkit classic or the newest Tekkit? I am not in a rush to get to the moon, but wont mind getting there. but I know I want to use some add ons. and texture pack (Sphax PureBDcraft, and I got it to work on Tekkit, which is what I have been messing around in). i am just having a hard time getting addon to work on tekkit. I am wanting to have a server for me, my wife, and 3 kids (2 are grown) to be able to play one when They can play. and I can play when they are to busy. So any help, suggestions and guidance you can give to a noob would be great.

PS was playing MMOs before this and just burned out on the crap and people, but I want to have people I can have fun with and just do what I want.

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Do you know how to make the server? If not ill make a youtube video and give you the link.But I run it on mac.

Also classic will be easier because it still has EE2 in it so you can get materials a lot easier. and if you want to see what it is like without actually playing it first here watch some of the videos in this youtube series.

all the way to episode 92 is all classic.

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