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Problem to make a tekkit classic server


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I want to run a server with tekkit classic on it. So i downloaded the tekkit launcher and tekkit classic server 3.1.2 as recommended.

I made some test in solo game mode, all look good there is no bug.

First i saw there is no minecraft_server.jar on je downloaded zip of tekkit classic server 3.1.2 so i tried with a minecraft_server.jar from the tekkit server but it dont work. (I think because tekkit classic launch on 1.2.5 and the server file is 1.5.2)

So i downloaded the minecraft_server.jar for 1.2.5 on official minecraft website and added it to the server folder and the server work now.

Then i started to mine and craft some stuff but when i craft philosopher stone or other items from mod i'm kicked and it say "end of stream"

I tested if it bug on solo mode but it dont ... i dont understand what is the problem and i really hope i will fix it because i'd really like to play with my friend on tekkit classic.

Maybe someone can help me ?

Thanks in advance.

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It may be that you need to use the bukkit server starter.. Thats easy to find.

The other problem may be that the items are blocked?

Go to where you keep the server folder and find a file called "mod_EE.props" Open that with Notepad/Notepad++. Any editing program really. Then look for the items that cause you to leave the server. It should have the word "allow(in-game block)=1". If its a 0, change it to a 1.

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Apparently its ok now, the problem was just that minecraft_server.jar was useless on tekkit classic because it use Tekkit.jar

I just changed the setting on the website of the server and now it work :)

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