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Alternate Modular Power Suits Recipes - Big Dig 1.3.9


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Big Dig Version 1.3.9

I am trying to use non-vanilla recipes for the Powersuits.

I have changed the config file on the server I run to support this -

B:"Vanilla Recipes"=false

B:"Universal Electricity Recipes"=true

Those are the two options I changed to make it harder to create the suits.

However, I am unable to see the Universal Electricity recipes in NEI at all. And when I create them properly on the crafting bench, the item does not even show up on the right as "being" crafted. This makes it impossible to craft even the tinker table and set it up.

How do I fix this to use the harder recipes?

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I have it changed in my client as well, using the same config file as I am the server owner. However, I am still unable to get the correct recipe to work, nor to even just show up as correct on NEI. I see the item, but with the "Vanilla Recipes"=false set, I can't open the recipe at all to even see it in game.

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Even with the vanilla turned on for the client side only, you are unable to see the other recipes if you have them set to true as well. This then makes it so you can't craft the pieces. It is almost as if only the vanilla recipes work and all the others are completely disabled even if they are turned on in the config.

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I found out the reason these patterns do not work. It seems since UE removed the Basic Components mod of the entire pack (Instead mods just include them inside their core) - It seems the MMM can't tie into the API correctly so it does not know the correct recipes any longer.

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