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Tekkit Lite back to Tekkit classic?


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Ok, first off, i hope this is in the right section for asking this, and i apologize if it is not. I have done a TON of searching and cannot find any way at all to convert a Tekkit Lite world into A tekkit Classic world. Of course there will be problems with missing blocks and new blocks and all, I'm very knowledgeable of Minecraft and Tekkit. I just don't have the time or patience, sadly, to convert like 50,000 ID's by myself and was hoping one of you out there had a way?

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I doubt this would be an easy task. You would have to first find item mappings between classic and lite for every item. Then you would have to either change the classic item ids or change all the items in the map data files. Basically, a reverse process of http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/how-to-convert-tekkit-classic-world-to-tekkit-lite.34915/ (note the patch.txt file)

There is more to this then just missing blocks... more then likely you will have severe incompatibilities because of backdating mods. They might store their own information which may have changed between versions. This would be a nightmare to try to address.

I doubt this would work.

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