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[1.0.1]The Hideout[PvE][12 Slots][Open][No Mods Removed]


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Server IP!!


Server is up!

other news:

Working on donator group which will come with special permissions, as a thank you for helping to keep the server up. If I get enough donations, all extra proceeds will go to upgrading. Also working on setting up anti-grief land claim plugin.

Towny wont work, maybe factions?

Rules are as follows:

No Hacking

No Cheating

No Griefing

No Stealing

No Random Deathmatch

obey me

Obey all other admins

No racism/ageism.

just be nice.

Currently there are no disabled mods

The Current List of Plugins Running is as Follows:

Essentials (for /home, /back)

Logblock (to prevent grief, and allow prosecution of griefers)

LWC (To protect chests/doors)

Factions (in place of Towny)


Our current rankings and staff are:


  • TKLeader (Mark)
  • SgtShittles (Gage)
  • MrApocalypse4F (Brandon)
  • RachaelJean (Rachael)


  • Redumulis
  • KieranHill98
  • Redladoo
  • CrazieMidget (Mingebag)

A word on the Hideout:

The Hideout Hexxit is an iteration of a Minecraft server/management ethic that I have kept since I started hosting years 'n years ago. This current iteration is rented, so it will have 24/7 uptime (assuming I restart it when it crashes(Hexxit crashes alot)) and is managed most hours of the day. I operate it primarily through my mobile phone (a feat, yes) and is designed to help me achieve a goal, which is to perfect the server to the point that I can play on it with the other players without having to fix shit constantly. I currently pay for this server out of pocket, $35 a month, making minumum wage in the Northwest US, so donations are welcome to help make this easier for me to afford. I will be setting up a way to donate soon.

This is a 24/7 server with a low player count, this is a method that allows for all players connected to experience little to no server lag at all.

This is not a whitelisted server, but if you join, I expect you to be respectful to others, use common sense, and follow my rules.

Donator button!


Pictures to come soon!

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