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[1.0.1] Chillax Hexxit PvP [150 Slots][McMMO][Factions][PvP/Griefing][Casino]


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Server IP: hex.chillax-tech.com

Hey guys, Chillax Gaming as now started a HEXXIT Server! We are new to Hexxit, so you know know more they we do with Hexxit most likely. This server will have almost the same features as most of servers (Not counting the mods :)) We made this server for all those people who want to play a Hexxit Server can play with the Chillax Community!



Well, Hexxit is a brand spanken new modpack put together by Technic Team. This modpack includes around 60 mods (I think) and is in the version of Minecraft 1.5.2. Main points of this modpack is to "Explore, Eliminate, and Conquer". From what I have seen in this mod its a huge modpack with tons of new animals (LIKE HORSES :D), biomes, bosses, dungons, menus, and more! It seems to be fun so far, I'm sure you guys will make it even more fun! :)


1: No Haxor Clients

2: No Spamming Chat or Players

3: Respect each other

4. Chillax and have fun



Dedicated Server

Good Up-time**


Community Website


Casino - Player Slots




Banned Items:


Removed Mods:

Dimensional Doors

**As much up-time we can get, due this modpack is new and we are new to it. And there is bound to be things to crash the server.


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I like the idea of during the updating of the map or such, a new clean world is made so we can roam around, instead of having to wait in front of a computer screen and repeatedly pressing refresh. Of course there could be helpers or mods who could occasionally remind users that this is just a placeholder and not a complete map wipe. I would definitely contribute and reassure the veteran players that all their items are safe. It could be fun, a nice little map to make new friends and explore while the old map is being updated. :) I hope you consider it.

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