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{1.5.2}Infinite Quest: The best quests are Infinite


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Infinite Quest V0.4



Infinite Quest is an adventure style map in the style of Daggerfall and Planescape.

Starting Gear Start off as one of 10 different classes!

Adventuring HUD See the names and HP creatures, check out your level and gold at a glance, find you way by minimap, see how many arrows or what effects you are under at all times!

Mosters A half dozen of the best mob packs, all moderated by biome. Some areas are more challenging than others, always be prepared!

NPCs/Quests Meet wandering NPCs, become the king of your own realm, build up villages and become a champion of the people!

Resources Metals are slightly more uncommon, but when you find a vein it will be a huge, I hope you brought your backpack!

Dungeons Battle Towers, Better Dungeons, Wizards Towers, etc. Fight your way through these dangerous places and pillage a selection of magic loot from a huge variety of mods

Music Replaced all vanilla Minecraft music with a remixed Daggerfall soundtrack (http://teatimecoder.com/daggerfall-music). In addition you can find even more adventuring tunes on Records in dungeon loot!

Travel the Planes Take a ride across dimensions, write a Descriptive book, or maybe walk through a strange Dimension Door, or jump through a portal to hell or the Twilight Forest!

Mod List http://pastebin.com/ty6TWGnT


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