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  1. 1. Wrong section. 2. I don't see how anyone can join it when you cannot resolve the hostname. 3. How can people add positive feedback if you can't get on? 4. Wrong server format.
  2. It would probably help to have more information about your computer. Have you tried redownloading the launcher or using the .jar instead?
  3. Nope, I reset the pack and still am not able to get on. When I browsed your forums, I saw people had similar issues to mine. Could there be a connection?
  4. Server was quite fun when I could join it. But now it takes about a minute at "Downloading Terrain" then End of streams.
  5. I hope you aren't here for the same kinky thing as this guy was. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/sever.31498/
  6. Permgen size is increased, installed through the launcher. Could it have something to do with being on a Mac OS?
  7. I'm about to come and try this. It's probably better to save it as a .zip for more accessibility though. Edit: Having problems using the pack. Log: http://pastebin.com/SPwvzpAY
  8. Username: PumpkinHead571 Age: 13 (I know it says NO KIDDOS, but I didn't know if I could waive that by saying I played back on the Tekkit Classic world, back when there was the PVP/Grief world.) Why tekkitopia: I used to play on it before as tekkit classic, and I forgot about it. But now it is Lite, and I need a good server for it. I know in the past it was great, and I assume it is now. Secret code: 14Pum
  9. I think it's funny how this thread got necrobumped and now everyone wants to join it.
  10. As far as I know, you can just mess with the .configs to make the items uncraftable. Not positive though, because I've never tried it on my server. Also, just a P.S. Don't sign your posts, it's frowned upon here and also against the rules.
  11. I would like to join this. I have trouble running my Big Dig server on my computer, so I think it would be nice to play on a server like this. I've got good experience with most of the mods, and I think I could be a good person to have on this server. I also have a buddy who I would like to play with me, but it's fine if he isn't whitelisted. He isn't as experienced as me, but he is a great builder. IGN: PumpkinHead571 Friend: magiccry
  12. If I could, I would also like to be verified if a new season starts.
  13. Yeah, I'm having trouble booting up the file on my mac. Time to wait for a fix.
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