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Crash Log...

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...can be found here. --> http://pastebin.com/d1wUtsRs

Happened after one of my snowmen engaged a zombie. Not sure if that's the cause, but that's what was happening at time of crash.

EDIT: I'd like to add that after this crash, Hexxit continually crashed to desktop when loading this save. Then I installed Optifine and was able to get back into my save, but not for long.

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goto /Chocolate/DungeonConfig and paste this in the swamp config, remove everything and paste this in

#Biomes, put biome names separated by comma, example:

#biomes = Extreme Hills

#Will spawn at y = 5

biomes = Swampland, Marsh, Green Swamp

#chance define the ratio at wich the dungeon spawn, if set to 0 the dungeon will be disabled.

#The formula goes like that: every 5 chunks there is 1 between the number set to chance probabilities to spawn a dungeon.

chance = 3

#mob: defines the mob spawned in that dungeon

mob = 1

#icon: used as the item icon intex in the dungeon spawner item. (look at textures/items/bd/ d1, d2..., only the number is required)

icon = 9

#Builder allows you to choose what builder does the dungeon use

builder = emptyCave

#Special data for dungeon

#caveHeight: the height of the cave containing the buildings

#caveBlock: the block used to fill the cave(9 = water for a submerged city)

#posY: the height to spawn the building, (Swamp caver water layer 65 - 30 cave height)

#spawnBoss: if true a boss will be spawned in the cave

#boss: the boss to spawn: 0=Spider; 1=slime; 2=Monking; 3=Turtle; 4=ice Bull

size = 30

height = 12

caveBlock = 9

posY = 30

spawnBoss = true

boss = 2

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This crash log is due to a crash when the turtle boss engages someone. We're trying to get ahold of chocolatin to push a fix, because the turtle boss spawns in some castles and we don't have an easy way to find/remove all the turtles. The best thing to do at current is use creative mode to remove the turtle from your game when you get this crash.

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