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RedNet logic help


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I feel like I'm losing my mind and figured y'all could help me verify my results or point me in the direction of where I'm going wrong.

For simplicity's sake, I managed to narrow down some erratic behavior in my RedNet programming to the following:

(1) square wave set to a cycle of 10 ticks (I suppose it's actually 10 up, 10 down, but that's not strictly important) --> outputs to VAR 0.

(2) NOR gate set with two inputs: VAR 0 and a CONST of 0.

My thinking was that this should always be ON, since no matter the state of VAR 0 the CONST 0 would keep it ON. But every time VAR 0 cycles, the NOR gate flickers off for just a moment. And this is causing my intended use (gating a machine) to fail at regular intervals.

Am I missing something? Can anybody else reproduce this?

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im confused, if you want something to be always on why would you do it this way? and A square wave is not what you think it is me thinks, what you have it on would be 10 ticks on 10 ticks off, and when it is off you have false false which returns true on a nor gate, you should be seeing .5 seconds on .5 seconds off with your setup there. If you explain better your purpose I could probably be more help with this stuff.

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I admit that I'm rusty on my logic gates, so I relied on the wiki without double-checking it. According to the wiki, a NOR is "nonzero when any input is zero"; but I think that's actually a NAND, which is what I wanted (and finally implemented). I was so trusting of the wiki that I didn't look to see if that's why things weren't working.

Of course, I'd feel better if you confirmed my diagnosis.

This all came about because I was trying to set up an Auto-Spawner only when I need Slime Balls in my AE system. The only problem with that is the Auto-Spawner is too good at what it does and throws out a ton of Slimes before the system has a chance to harvest. Soooo, I implemented a square wave timer as a means of only turning the Auto-Spawner on for 255 ticks every so often IF there's a need for Slime Balls. Thus, Slime Ball need (INPUT 1 = ON) and Square Wave Timer (INPUT 2 = ON) would cause my machine to activate (OUTPUT = OFF). So that's really a NAND, yes?

Thanks for pointing out where I was going wrong!

EDIT: Oh, and that setup above was just a debugging set up to help me figure out where I was going wrong. I took my level emitter out of the equation and shortened my timer so I could tweak things and hopefully figure it out. Not that it ended up helping me very much...

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