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Automation and Minium Stone

Lucas Souza

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I have more than 500.000 cobblestones in my Deep Storage Unit, I want to turn it all in diamonds with some Minium Stones, so I try to use the AutoCrafting Table from BuildCraft, but it didn't work, someone knows a way for use the Minium Stone automatically, without I craft everything?

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Applied Energistics is your friend


Make an assembler and all the required patterns. An me storage bus will get the stone form the DSU. Then you can just tell it to craft the diamonds.

I'd make it a separate network if you want to make sure it only uses the cobble as the raw material.

Thanks very much Spudgy, you help a lot!

{But unfortunately I don't know, yet, how to use it, before know tekkit I only knew industrialcraft, steves carts, buildcraft and computercraft...}

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