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[1.0.1] UnitedWarfare [PVP/PVE] [Factions] [Raid]


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IP: Hexxit.UnitedWarfare.net



No Spamming

No Hacking

Use Common Sense


Removed items:






Donation Ranks (Soon)

We love our players and are working very hard to get this server to run correctly, Please bare with us aswell as give any suggestions you would like to see in the future!

More to come in future if problems are caused

You all may know our Tekkit Server and now we launched a haxxit server due to high demand. We are always open to suggestions and feel free to chat with us on teamspeak.

TS: Same IP as Server Hexxit.unitedwarfare.net

Enjoy! =D

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Hello me and my friend (agentmoocow35, That_pepsi_guy) were recently playing on your server and we were joking around and you temp banned us for an hour and its been a far more than an hour and were still not unbanned.... anything you could do? Weve tried playing on other servers but this one is by far our favorite and it would really be dissapointing if we were perminatly banned so maybe it was a mistake or maybe not but anyway.... yea...

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