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Noooooo! Connecting to my big dig server crashes my client! :(


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Hi, I don't know about any backup plugins I'm afraid, but if you ever need to reset a player's position server side again, then the only way I have found to do it is to delete the player data file:


It's a little drastic, as they will lose anything in their inventory, but it will reset them to the spawn position. I had to do this when a player stepped through a misbehaving nether portal, and crashed out on connection every time.

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I'm only doing manual backups as I run a 3 player server and we don't fuck things up often, but there seem to be quite a few scrips and programs especially for MC Servers. Just search Google for "Minecraft server backup" and pick the one you like. Oh and do a Backup before using them just in case.

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