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Woah man this guy hates trees! *SUPER STAR THREAD OF THE WEEK*


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I tried using the filler set on flatten or clear, but I only get a broken filler. I did manage to make the area around the tree flat though.

However, I actually LIKE the trees. The worst thing about them is that they give enough shade for mobs to survive daylight. However, the rubberwood is useful and incredibly plentiful when compared to regular, puny trees that barely give. Also, the rubber they give is a superior alternative to amount than trying to collect rubber resin.

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If you take the wood from a RedPower rubber tree and stick it in an Industrialcraft extractor, it will make one piece of rubber, just like the rubber wood from the Industrialcraft rubber trees.

They can also be broken down into sticks if you need them, as they give eight sticks per log, skipping the planks step, and you can cook it in a furnace to get charcoal.

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