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[1.0.1] SporkMelt [Hexxit][PvP-Toggle][Land Protection][50 Slots]


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1. No Hacking, Spamming, Griefing, etc.

2. Use Common Sense

3. PvP is toggled, do not annoy people to toggle it

4. If land is not claimed, griefs won't be reverted


We are a 24/7 PvP-Toggle server running on Hexxit, this server runs on Reccomend Builds of MCPC Plus and is made by effort and magic.


Coming soon.


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Yay! tried looking for alternatives but most servers has stupidly high ping and/or no proper rules. When can we expect the server to be back up :)?

Also, I've looked at some of the other server's threads, it seems most people disable the Bow addon since it has some duping method, and some people creating automatic restarting of server scripts when Better Dungeon crashes the server.

Just incase you wanted to look into that :P

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seems the server just crashed and the auto restart is not working sadly

hope there wont be any file/server lose this time

keep doing lots of work for this server, this is the best EU server that is out there thanks

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Clankyman, are you the only one who has the account info to go manually restart the server?

Just thinking, since the server crashed aproximately 30 minutes after you went off it yesterday, it hasn't been up, I think it'd be a good idea to have multiple people (that you can trust) with permission to restart the server. I might be wrong, but the server has been down for aproximately 12 hours now or so?.

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come on it seems like people always put me on the edge of ban for no reason because of my name people are always asking me if I am from pmc I am not I am a good person a 13 year old on summer vaca I try to build good reputation with the staff and for that I get banned I do what everyone else does and they ban me for it wht the hell can I just stay on on server without getting banned this is like the 5th time over break I never do anything wrong

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Must've been an automated ban by the system for spamming - none of us moderators have banned anyone recently.

EDIT: I don't believe your ban is permanent either, do try and log on whenever possible and see if it hasn't been removed.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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