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Help A N00B Out?

Helix Vexium

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I feel your pain :)

If you're starting tekkit main:


I can tell you what you need first but I don't know all the options as I just started main myself, I am sure some of the more experienced players will correct me eventually :)

The start up is not much different from Vanilla minecraft, just bear in mind that you should try and smelt as little as possible until you get a pulverizer (this effectively doubles the amount of ingots you get from your ores).

All the machines in tekkit main work with MJ energy, this can be transported with Buildcraft pipes or redstone conduits.

Buildcraft pipes in general are a good "startup" solution but you should change them at a later time with liquiducts/redstone conduits/logistic pipes or ME bus.

The last powerhouse of power generation is a biofuel generator, but it requires considerable effort and resources to setup.

Your first option would be the stirling engine. Pay attention to these as the BLOW UP if they are working and there is no energy consumption. A redstone signal will turn them on/off.

From there personally I tried steam/magmatic engines. I heard wonders about combustion but after a bit of messing around I just fixed a cactus-based small biofuel reactor until I get all the rest sorted as it works properly unattended, doesn't blow up and generates a considerable amount of power anyway.

When you get to this point there are a lot of interesting things you can do and you should have your base set up.

What you'll need in it really depends on you, you can find the most common/interesting options here:



I also recommend you to suit up with one of these:


Post if you have any particular question, I hope I didn't jump back and forth too much with topics :P

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Since this is noob questions thread i post a question:

What is the best way to feed a large pile of different resources (from quarry) to TE machines using Logistic pipes? Is it possible to create network, where resources are only send if there is a free machine available, without loops?

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There you should find what you need :)

From what I read (I am not particularly fond of pipes at this point, so I'm trying not to use them) you could use a Supplier logistic pipe linked to the machine you want to keep available items there, and continuously pull items from provider logistic pipes linked to a chest you use as "buffer".

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There you should find what you need

Tnx. This is 3-rd LP tutorial i'm reading. Looks solid. I hope at least this one is useful.

And this is my main problem:

  • Logistics pipes normally do not check whether or not an adjacent inventory is full. Therefore, if the inventory is full, it will remain a valid destination. Any items directed to the pipe will be ejected behind the block with the inventory, and despawn in 5 minutes if not picked up.

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Ok, now i'm trying out LP and having troubles. I'm trying out simple sorting system for a quarry, parts of it yet. I have DSU with cobblestone, Basic Log. Pipe (BLP) leading to it, Provider pipe, to suck items out, Pulverizer with supplier pipe at the top, and Provider pipe, sucking sand and gravel out into another DSUs. I have only one valid route for sand - BLP - DSU, and 2 routes for cobblestone - med. priority - BLP - DSU, high - supplier pipe for Pulverizer. I have some more BLPs, for future use, but all of them are for different blocks(configured). Problem is some blocks of sand and cobblestone just randomly wander in pipe system, passing near BLPs and not going straight into correct one without ANY logic in movements. Why's that?

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