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Installing Tabby Chat into Tekkit Main


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I've been messing around with plugins for my server that I play on with some friends and we plan on expanding it to include a few people, so I've been installing plugins. I notice a lot of the help pages are longer than Minecraft chat allows, so I want to install Tabby Chat (here) which is pretty much one of the greatest mods of all time. I know that I need to download the 1.5.1 version, but where do I put it in my "\AppData\Roaming\.technic\tekkitmain" folder?


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TabbyChat can be installed using mcpatcher, or by dragging the contents of the downloaded zip file into your minecraft.jar modpack.jar file (backup first!), or by a similar method. The zip download can also be used by Forge or ModLoader. Alternatively, download the litemod file for use with LiteLoader. As this mod involves editing some of the base Minecraft classes (only those specifically related to chat), it may not be compatible with other chat mods.

TabbyChat has been shown to be compatible with ModLoader and Forge (in general), Optifine, Rei's Minimap, Inventory Tweaks, Not Enough Items, Friends Overlay, and many more (pretty much anything not related to chat).

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That actually didn't work. When I tried to start up the server after doing that, I was told "no manifest found." (Trying for Big Dig, not Tekkit. We moved to Big Dig :P )

You can't install Tabby Chat to Big Dig, my bad. I did get it working for me though. I'll have to help my friends (who've never really messed with adding things to their .jar files) figure this out. Thanks again!

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