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Ars Magica Issues


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For some reason, whenever I load my survival world, my Minecraft just crashes. I know that it has something to do with Ars Magica, as this is a mod I just added yesterday. However, whenever I go on my creative test world, it works just fine. Is there any particular reason for this?

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My guess is your creative test world is new, while your survival world is older?

The recent Hexxit update added the Artifice plugin, which adds some new world gen. The nice, or possibly problematic thing with it, is that it tries to add this worldgen to already existing chunks (so there are strange new flowers all over, and marble in your basement). This is the only thing that I can think of that could make a difference between a creative world and a survival world.

Try making a new survival world, see if that makes a difference.

Then you can of course try posting some of the actual error messages you get, easier to help you then...

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