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  1. Vartila, AFAIK there are some gotchas about the login credentials getting outdated. It used to be the case that if you used the vanilla launcher and another launcher alternately, you would have to retype your password every time, but I believe that's fixed now. If your login token suddenly becomes invalid when you have no net connection, well that sounds annoying! You won't be able to play until you can reconnect to Mojang's servers and get a new valid token. But that is a Minecraft issue, about how they handle login tokens and offline play. Technic Launcher just uses it.
  2. Ooh, but that is good news! Most packs are junk anyway, limiting search to those who have set it up properly is just a feature. Great that this is being worked on also, if disconsented is right.
  3. There is a McDonalds mod. Adds villagers in fast-food sales uniforms, curiously familiar clown zombies, and its own dimension. A must for any over the top silly modpack that isn't worried about legal issues around trademarks and such.
  4. Then Slowpoke's statement that you can use other launchers with it too would make very little sense. There's got to be an API or something. I don't know the WoW EULA, but I think and hope Curse have more sense than certain individual modders when it comes to complying with Minecraft's EULA. Demanding that you watch an ad as condition for downloading, there's no way that's not charging money for it, let alone "making money from it in any way".
  5. Got to agree with that (slowpoke #54). The one thing the FTB launcher has on the Technic Launcher even today is the ease of adding and removing mods to a pack. Technic is better in that 1. it has incremental updates. 2. it doesn't break customizations on updates (as far as I've noticed) 3. it makes it easier to share a customized pack once you've gone to the trouble of making it (at least privately. If you pack is on page 2550, it's as good as private, last time I tried I just got an error page trying to dig that far up/down in the mod listing). I may be in a minority for wanting to customize, but I'm still here. There's still a ton of us, including primary school age kids who've just seen a cool mod spotlight on youtube. There needs to be a place where you can go for quick and automatic install of any mod, and if Curse the BeastForge achieves it I'm all for it. But I don't think they should waste hosting on modders who attempt to restrict use in modpacks - once this distribution mechanism is in place, a modpack will be little more than a list of mods, and you can't refuse people to list your mod.
  6. I think that getting mods hosted by Curseforge is in itself a good thing - not because they're perfect, but because they're a vast improvement over the mediafire and adfly hodgepodge. But there's this, from Slowpoke (via a reddit transcript of a Q&A): Mod developers will be able to assign flags such as only allowing use in certain modpacks, or being completely open. This is bad. The two dubious excuses modders have used to disallow unmodified redistribution (keeping track of # of downloads, and getting ad revenue) are both not an issue for CurseForge-hosted downloads. So in my opinion, this is akin to putting a song on Spotify then demanding that only certain users can make playlists with it.
  7. AFAIK, the Amish have lots of machines that run on hydraulics to circumvent the ban on electricity. So not weird, just Amish. On second thought, still weird.
  8. Evan Miller had an article on wrong ways to sort a couple of years back: http://www.evanmiller.org/how-not-to-sort-by-average-rating.html The platform only has thumbs up, not thumbs down, but it's still fairly clear to me it sorts in a bad way. Those top packs aren't necessarily the best packs ever, they're just very, very entrenched at the top of that list. I'd like to find a pack that uses 1.6, has reasonably good feedback (to avoid those packs that barely sort out id collisions), and maybe which has a few mods I especially like. It's currently very hard to do something like that on the platform. Sorting by new or recently updated is no use either, as you have to dig through pages of test packs to find anything interesting. It would also be nice if packs had a way to declare (other than in the docs) what mods they used and what versions, so that it was searchable. I think the discovery mechanism for new packs is Technic's only real weakness. On all other points - stability, incremental downloads, ease of configuration, not trampling your config files, etc. the Technic launcher is far superior to that other one you know.
  9. Don't be afraid to talk to him, if you want to. Dan200 is a very agreeable guy, he takes this far better than many modders would, especially considering he's quit his day job to work on indie games and mods. I hope (and think!) there's room for you all!
  10. Reynergodoy, I believe this is an example of a bad headline. You aren't drowning, and it's useful for us to see what you need help for without clicking the link. You need permissions if you want to stay on good terms with the mod maker(s). Many mods you don't need to ask permission for. Some would like a notification if you use the mod, others will get angry at you just for asking. You need to look it up for each individual mod, unfortunately there is no register you can easily check.
  11. One tantalizing thing about Hexxit is that the minimap reveals which chunks are generated yet and which aren't. You see stuff like long diagonal lines of chunks being generated before everything else. It could be that one of the mods forces generation of a chunk, which forces generation of another, which forces yet another etc.
  12. As a mcraftpro, don't you ought to know? Just teasing. (For the record: You just download TechnicLauncher.jar and run it. It handles the rest. You stlll need to purchase Minecraft and get a username/password to play)
  13. Looks like the lwjgl folks forgot that OSX uses print-style coordinate systems with the origin in the lower left, not CRT screen-style ones with origin in upper left You could try downgrading to an older version of lwjgl, like the one Minecraft uses by default. On Linux that makes the keys wonky, but maybe it's better on macs?
  14. If Thermal Expansion switches to a new power system, that's going to be a breaking change... will there be a new separate pack for 1.6 as there is for 1.2 (Classic) 1.4 (Lite) and 1.5 (Galactic)?
  15. My advice is just letting Greg keep his toys. The less attention, the better. He's like the Larry McVoy of Minecraft.