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  1. May me (Salamileg9) and my friend roses761 be whitelisted? Note that my internet isn't the greatest and I'll probably log on and off quite a bit. EDIT: Sorry, but could I get one more? PythonCA.
  2. IGN: Salamileg9 Favorite Mod: Hard decision... I'd say Chisel or Tinker's Construct. Playstyle: Builder (though I'm not very good, Chisel and Carpenter's Blocks make me enjoy it more) or Explorer. Though I'm not clueless on how to set up machines. Mod Knowledge: Most of the common ones, like TConstruct or Thermal Expansion, I know really well. Others, such as Witchery, I've still yet to learn (but plan to!) Age: 13 Youtube: As much as I'd love to, no.
  3. Age: 13 IGN (In Game Name): Salamileg9 Why Do you want to Play on this Server?: The server seems overall nice, and all of the banned items are the ones I rarely use. I quite like how the community is looking as well. What Do you want to Build?: House, Factory, and hopefully a shop. Perhaps a giant statue in my likeness.
  4. Dar

    please help

    Don't triple post. In the tab at the bottom-left of your screen, type in %appdata%. Go to the Roaming folder. Technic is in there.
  5. Yes, though I don't remember which one. I know that the mod is also in Hexxit, if that helps at all.
  6. So, I got a pretty interesting spawn. I haven't decided whether I like it or not. Pros: Endstone, which will supply my need for soul shards (I can't live without them) Magic Cakes Magic Apple Juice A few other bits of decent loot Just plain awesome Easy to get clouds Cons: No light sources, so the villagers are likely to die No animal farms Is mostly above a taiga biome, so most of the water is frozen 50% of the loot is coal/cobble/arrows Now, on the topic of getting down...
  7. This modpack doesn't have Mo' Creatures. That's Project Zulu.
  8. Oh really? Good to know.
  9. You don't even have to do this. While in the inventory screen, while using NEI, go to options. There will be a button that says "Cheat mode." Click this once, and it will change to recipe mode. You will still have to press U for uses, but just by clicking it will bring up the recipe. The problem is, NEI has the version of the Bomb Bag/Quiver that has 0 arrows, which is uncraftable. The one that you craft already has one in it.
  10. What are some worthwhile items to get? They don't have to be the most difficult things to get, but something to look forward to and strive for.
  11. NEI does the exact same thing.
  12. This issue has been known for quite a while now. EDIT: By the way, why are those villagers there?
  13. I think FTB has a magic pack... I don't remember what it's called.
  14. Besides, the only modpack Ars Magica has ever allowed itself to be in is the Direwolf pack. However, you are allowed to install it into a private mudpack (AKA manually put it in the mods folder.) And Mata, while I agree with you, arshan was asking for a mod NOT like Thaumcraft.
  15. Actually, NEI is among the greatest recipe mods I've seen. Really, the only issues are the Legendgear Quivers and Bomb Bags.
  16. I agree, that would be nice, but if it's only a single player mod, it shouldn't be added into the official modpack. Hexxit is highly multiplayer-oriented.
  17. That is a special type of beacon, placed under the pedestal. I don't remember which mod it's from.
  18. Be careful with splash potions, as they can effect mobs/players near you as well, but they are considerably faster to use than normal potions.
  19. Really? I must just be really bad at Minecraft. Be careful with that sword, it's an amazing piece, but it can tear a hole in the fabric of space and time.
  20. White villagers are librarians. The purple ones are priests. However... Since the Necronomicon is a book, it makes sense?
  21. I personally like the TConstruct books. I'm not sure why. I'm perfectly fine with Battle Towers, but if anything, make the boss not shoot fireballs? Also increase the time it takes for the tower to fall. Most of the time I have to jump out a window to get out in time, which doesn't supply much time for getting the loot on the top two floors.
  22. Dar

    Don't Blink..

    Yes, that is the Haunted Armor. I believe it's from Project Zulu.
  23. In other words, your friend has ripped a hole in the fabric of space and time.
  24. Yeah, MCMMO isn't compatible with most weapon mods. I mean, they can be working at the same time, they just don't connect in any way.
  25. Yeah, I just started a new world. I'm just going to transfer over most of what I already have, just in new territory.
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