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[1.0.1] Fuxxit - FFA, open server.


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  • Server IP:
  • Server rules: no griefing; don't kill new people just because they don't have no equipment; common sense applies.
  • Plugins: Lockette,
  • Description: Part of the Flux-Craft Minecraft server community, we have been looking at what YOU want. As of now we have servers in full operations and more to come! This is our newest server based off the popular Hexxit modpack! We hope you have tons of fun on our server! All our servers are hosted in Dallas Texas, USA. What makes us cooler? We track your stats, soon we will release profiles on our site for you to track your play time across all our servers!
  • Server has 24/7 uptime.
  • We expect players to have basic common sense and social skills. Don't be a dick for no reason, don't kill newspawns just because, and most importantly, don't grief.
  • Server is not whitelisted! Bans are part of a network, though, and go across all the affiliated servers.

If you have any questions, requests or issues, feel free to post them here or on our Facepunch thread!

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So is there a reason so many people on here seem to not get No Grieffing means don't steal someones damn crops? Because it's starting to get pretty damn annoying.

I am sorry for the late reply. We recently busted a handful of griefers if it happens again tell us.

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