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Capsule Stations?


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Hello, my friends! Talifax here, wondering what mod the capsule stations in Hexxit comes from. I bought a Big Capsule Station for 32 emeralds, and now I have no idea how to use it!!! Not that 32 emeralds is a lot, but at the time I bought it it was! If someone could shoot me a link to the mod website that the Capsule Station comes from, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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So I tried these out in semi creative. Very nice. Place the Capsule Station and then right click with an Empty Capsule, everything in an area gets shoved into the Capsule. Then right click later and poof everything comes back.

Medium Capsule Station appears to take 10x10xSomething. Chests+Inventories are moved. I didn't test much to see if existing blocks get overwritten or what. The Capsule Station gets shoved into the Capsule and reappears with everything else.


Big Capsule Station is 15x15x9

Medium Capsule Station is 11x11x5

Placing the capsule replaces all(dirt/cobble tested only) blocks in the area with whatever was inside the capsule.

The capsule station is in the horizontal center on the bottom layer of what gets stored inside the capsule.

Vanilla chest was destroyed when placing capsule, contents were dropped.

Mobs are not destroyed when capsules are placed nor are there 'stored'.

Furnaces are stored with fuel/work and it appears they save their progress.

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