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[1.0.1] HexxitNoodle [PvP/Raid][300 Slots][Nothing Banned Currently]


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Hexxit Server Listing : http://www.hexxitserverlist.com/

Our server ip : Play.HexxitNoodle.com

HexxitNoodle is the latest server brought to you by one of the best Tekkit servers out there called "TekkitNoodle". HexxitNoodle is running on the Hexxit 1.0.1 pack. The Hexxit mod pack is a lot harder then any other mod pack that i have played. HexxitNoodle allows you to raid and PvP to your hearts content without any worry of getting banned.

We currently don't have any banned items due to we don't know what to expect from Hexxit currently. However, i can assure you that like most servers, we will have some. Also, we have a strong team of developers to make sure our banned item list is the smallest it could possibly be.

Our plugins :

  • Essentials
  • Vault
  • World-border
  • Factions - Coming very soon
  • A lot of custom plugins.

HexxitNoodles Rules :

  1. No hacked clients.
  2. PvP is allowed.
  3. Greifing and raiding is allowed.
  4. Be respectful to fellow members of the server including staff.
  5. No exploiting of any kind (includes crashing of the server).
  6. Have Fun!

Our server specifications :

We try and provide the best servers possible for our community of players. Our hardware is listed below.

  • Intel E3 1240 V2 3.3 Ghz
  • 32GB ram DDR3
  • 256GB SSD RAID
  • 1GB/s Network
  • US located
  • FULL DDOS protection

Server Ip : Play.HexxitNoodle.com

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is it possible to get it so people can use flint and steel and lava buckets in permissions please as this 1. stops use of the nether and 2. takes out the majority of tinkers construct mod as you cannot power the smeltery

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