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[1.0.6]StarWalkers[PvE][25 slots][No Banned items]- Mature players.

Joshua Tack

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Hello there! I just started my new Tekkit server (as of 29/june/2013)

I'm planning on letting this server fairly small. 40 slots will be the total max


  1. -Do not whine if something get stolen or you get griefed! this server has NO protection plugin except Factions.
  2. -Rude language will result in a mute or even a ban. I may sound harsh but i had enough of inmature players.
  3. -Any kinds of mods except of the default Tekkit are NOT allowed except Optifine (if it ever gets compatible).
  4. -Sexual behavior towards any kind of player will be ban on the entire DarkEye Network.

NOTES: As you noticed in the title we only want mature players. so decide for yourself if you are mature or not. if you're not then atleast try to act it.

The server is hosted in the Netherlands. Me(the owner ofcourse) is from Belgium but the main language is ENGLISH.

Server ip:

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