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Collect hexbiscus flowers Grid_Hexbiscus.png, 16 of them are required for each set of Hexxit Gear.

I think you get 3 set bonuses for each of the 3 sets. Regen +Nightvision & jump for Tribal (archer), +Nightvision & speed for Thief, +Resistance & Fire Resistance for Scale.

Learn how to strip enchantments off loot you don't want and use those levels to place enchantments you do want.

Does anyone know about enchanting Hexxit Gear?

Enchanted Gilded Diamond Shield (5 diamonds around leather, 5 gold around the diamond shield) (the gilding doubles the counter attack damage from 0.5 to 1, the gilded stone shields counter attack is supposed to be 1.5)

Several enchanted swords of the same type that work with shields. You need them to counter sticky mobs, making them the same type gets them autoreplaced. Also something with magnetization you can stuff in a backpack when you don't want it. You want magnetization for the sticky mobs and the golems that wreck the loot on the top two floors of the battle towers.

One of the hookshot type things.

Check the Legend Gear: bomb arrows, mirror that ports you under the sky, extra life feather, mob chucker (Titan band), item retrieving boomerang, quiver (200 arrows), bomb bag (50 bombs, getting the first one is hard, TNT a creeper?, go out in a thunderstorm looking for charged mystic shrubs (Zelda grass), don't walk into the charged shrubs the charge will fade, just hit them), ...

Big backpacks (56 string, 16 leather, 1 coal to burn. Each.)

enchanted Crystal bow (I think it draws the fastest)


The Twilight Forest has a well defined progression with the locations on a grid, even without the magic map (make it in the Twilight Forest) once you find one of the Landmarks you can easily find the others, if you don't just walk past the hollow hills. The threat levels are wood, iron, diamond and maybe a higher level. Check the Technic wiki. Wood level are forest mazes, shallow caves and small hollow hills (the claustrophobic ones, I think the Man vs. Minecraft one was a medium hollow hill). Iron level is Naga courtyard, deep caves, medium hollow hills and lich towers (you need to play tennis with the boss or bring splash potions of harming, the Yogscast used that). Diamond is Hydras, large hollow hills, labyrinths (watch out for the TNT in the loot room at bedrock), dark towers (super ghast on top). Price of admission: 1 diamond.

It's a lot easier in Hexxit with someone to guard you while you break the spawners.

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