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Question about dimension doors ( and spreading rifts )


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Don't worry, it's not complaining about it, the opposite in fact. I had a few questions about them.

First off, is it actually possible to make it in a seperate dimension? I was thinking of making a dimension just to go in and kill endermen when I need pearls, without having the side effect of destroying the landscape somewhere.

Secondly, how would one increase the spreading speed? I once made one outside myself to test it out, but it didn't really seem to spread, I just had a lot of rifts next to each other :P

Thanks in advance, I couldn't find any details about this.

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The rift decay i think your talking about. They grow as your around them, causeing griefing around that area. More unattached rifts will cause considerable damage to the landscape, and will spawn enderman(also causing grief). Now for enderman spawning inside the Dim itself idk.

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