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Tekkit and permissions to use mod items. "modifyworld" "permissions PEX"

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Hi everyone.

i am trying to get some tekkit items disabled.

been trying for a few days now. and it seems to be able to block normal items. did a test with a mushroom. the player i put the - permission into, could not pick it up.

So i need to know if there is something preventing modifyworld to block items such as Philosophors Stone, and all the grief rings. :-/ .

this is how my config looks like.




- -modifyworld.items.use.27526:41

- -modifyworld.items.have.27526:41

- -modifyworld.items.pickup.27526:41

- commandbook.kit.kits.starter

- commandbook.kit.list

- commandbook.kit.kits.basic

- commandbook.home.teleport

- commandbook.home.set

- commandbook.who

- commandbook.motd

- commandbook.rules

- commandbook.msg

- commandbook.msg

- commandbook.whereami

- commandbook.bans.isbanned

- commandbook.spawn

- multihome.namedhome.*

- multihome.defaulthome.*

- commandbook.call

- choptree.chop

- multihome.listinvites.tome

- multihome.namedhome.uninvite

- multihome.namedhome.invitetimed

- multihome.namedhome.invite

- multihome.namedhome.delete

- multihome.namedhome.set

- multihome.namedhome.go

- multihome.namedhome.list

- multihome.defaulthome.uninvite

- multihome.defaulthome.invitetimed

- multihome.defaulthome.invite

- multihome.defaulthome.set

- multihome.defaulthome.go

- multihome.home

- multihome.namedhome

- multihome.sethome

- multihome.setnamedhome

- multihome.deletehome

- multihome.homeondeath

- multihome.invitehome

- multihome.invitenamedhome

- multihome.invitetimedhome

- multihome.invitenamedtimedhome

- multihome.uninvitehome

- multihome.uninvitenamedhome

- multihome.listinvites.toothers

- showcase.buy.infinite

- showcase.buy.finite

- deathtpplus.deaths

- deathtpplus.streak

- triggercmds

- stargate.dhd.*

- stargate.dhd.use

- stargate.use

- lockette.admin.create.*

- modifyworld.*

default: true

prefix: '&3[student]&f'

This rank is the beginner rank. Everyone who joins the server will have this.

And the stone is only for testing. i guess when i get that to work. Everything else will just be copy paste the item ids into a new row.

So please guys. If anyone knows anything about what can be my problem, Please tell me.

Been fidleling with this the past 3 days. Searching all the forums. And none of the ansvers ever worked on my server. :-/.

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I'm not an expert with PeX, but perhaps having modifyworld.* at the end there is overriding the previous blocks? have you tried putting it at the beginning?

I haven't used the plugin before myself so if that is obviously wrong, don't listen to me.

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