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Where to d/l bigdig_server.exe? Is there such a thing?


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I'd like to run a big dig server at home - for just 2 or 3 peeps to play. Whenever I search for 'big dig server' I get tons of info on servers i can GO to - but can't find the server itself.

Currently I run the Technic launcher and enter the server address - and I can access the game by way of my domain name, but my friend keeps getting "can't reach server" errors. I suspect this is because I don't have my BD server (now just a .jar file) in the firewall list.

This is the first time I've set up a server - have all the dynamic dns, port forwarding worked out, but still have some issues with the windows firewall. I can find minecraft.exe to add to the permitted programs, but nothing for BD.

Any ideas? What steps have I missed?

=Alan R.

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This is supposed to be a multi-player game (only for 2 or 3 players) - a dedicated server in my living room! I can run the Big Dig mod from the Technic Launcher, go to multiplayer and the server is shown. I can join the game and all appears well. Pretty sure I have the dynamic DNS correctly done as well as all the port forwarding. It is just that my friend (he in UK - I in NJ) always gets a 'can't reach server' message. The URL is correct but he can't connect.

There is a launch script that comes with the BigDig server pack.

I've also started the vanilla MC server and can hook up via the same URL - but he still gets the 'cannot connect' msg. So the only thing left it would seem, is some sort of firewall issue (have tried the box as a DMZ - no help either).

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