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[noob] all new maps are "empty" (no structures) worlds


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Hello. Saw generikb's hexxit vids and decided to give it a try. I downloaded the launcher and it installed all the hexxit mods (when I click 'mods' on the title screen, there are 49 listed and the bottom of the title screen "says 67 mods loaded / 67 mods active"). Every world I create has absolutely nothing non vanilla in it except for some orange and black (poison) pools. No new flora. No new fauna. And no structures of any type. After playing for a couple of hours on the my first world and exploring a large area and not seeing anything, I went into creative and flew around. Nothing. Created a second world. Nothing. Found a couple of 'cool' seeds from the interwebs and none of them were anything like they were supposed to be. So far, I've tired 6 different worlds and explored each for +/- 1000 blocks in every direction. Nothing. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Does anyone have anything they can tell me to point me in the right direction so I can begin my adventures?


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Thanks, but nothing outside of vanilla generated for me. There are some mountains, but no new animals or plants that aren't in vanilla. No structures (buildings) of any kind for 2000 blocks around spawn.

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OK, thanks for the help. I assumed that I was launching Hexxit, but I was actually launching Tekkit. Purely a misunderstanding on my end of how the launcher worked.

I'm now adventuring away!

Thanks again.

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