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Well we have a problem

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So recently i have intalled technic to make minecraft more interesting than it already was, i have been playing asgard adventures hexxit and teckit. But when i try to launch big dig its a whole 'nother story. When i launch it it goes to the MOJANG logo then the window says this program has stopped responding, the screen goes white and thats it. Idk what to do this has not been very pleasent.

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1. Don't double or tripplepost. Use the edit button.

2. Reinstall your PC or find out whats causing the browser problem, mit only be some runtimes or a virus.

3. To fix TBD: Open the Technic Launcher, click the gear button next to the BigDig icon (its the screen you can change your version in) and click on Reset Pack. This will delete everything in the BigDig folder and force a new download for the files.

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