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How do you run tekkit with bukkit plugins?


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I use it to run DynMap, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, PermissionsEx, and Essentials. It's actually surprisingly straightforward, though finding instructions for a newbie can be pretty tough.

(1) Go HERE and find the latest stable build,

(2) download the version that matches your Tekkit version (e.g., if you're running 1.0.6 use a build that ends in C###.jar; if you're running 1.1.5 use a build that ends in B###.jar),

(3) replace your Tekkit.jar file with the .jar file you just downloaded (make sure you rename the new file Tekkit.jar),

(4) run your server as usual and it will create a 'plugins' folder, then

(5) drop your plugins into the 'plugins' folder and the next time you start up the server you should be in business.

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