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Well guess who's not sleeping tonight!


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After a few hours of screwing around in Hexxit, I came across a castle rigged with Walker spawners. I then used my manualshoot to launch myself onto a near by tower. Soon, I triggered some of the spawners to spawn the archer walkers. I shot a few arrows at the first walker. But, he acted different from the others. He took cover behind a pole as I shot him. I rushed to that pole, but he wasn't there. At that point, I was doomed to fall from the wall by another group of walkers.

I fell down and died. Because I was too lazy to make my awesome sword, I rushed back to the castle. I managed to return to the castle in time, and I saw some of my stuff on the ground. Or, was it my stuff? I didn't know I had a set of scale armour at the time. I didn't have a frost bow, I had an enchanted crystal bow. I didn't even have food, but I still found porkchops. I took a look at my tombstone: "fealypino fell out of this world." I was confused. I hit the ground too hard, right? I headed towards the castle, but just then. Standing behind a pillar, was the first walker, slightly sticking its body out, with an arrow prepared.

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