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How to install ForgeEssentials?

Ring many

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Hello again everybody,

We want to add the mod/plugin Essentials to our Hexxit server, but are unsure of how. There are currently 2 versions I believe. The Bukkit essentials, but apparently isn't compatible with Hexxit, and ForgeEssentials, but the one given on the Hexxit website is version 1.4.7, and Hexxit server is 1.5.2 so it does not work.

Is there any way to install Essentials somewhere within our Hexxit server?

If not, there is another very similar mod called "RealLan" it has virtually the same mods, but instead it is apparently installed within a .jar instead of a mod folder. However, the instructions to install are for vanilla Minecraft. Which .jar would I need to install it to? The minecraft_server.jar or Hexxit.jar?

Thanks for reading.

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